No election posters ~ thank you!


Roundwood Tidy Towns group has again requested candidates in the upcoming General Election to refrain from erecting posters within the 50km zone of the village. The group has wrote to or emailed all the would be TD’s in the Wicklow and Carlow East constituency today to ensure the message gets to them before Taoiseach Enda Kenny announces the date for the election. The group made this appeal in previous election years and Terry Kavanagh, Chairperson was delighted with the results, with the majority of candidates respecting the appeal from the group. Most candidates are extremely careful when erecting their posters  but inevitably some posters come a cropper to the wind and rain in Wicklow’s highest village. The posters always come down within the time allocated but those dreaded cable ties often linger on poles for years and years. So if you see any of our local politicians (unlikely!) or their helpers erecting campaign posters in the coming weeks, please ask them politely to check with HQ to see if they received the correspondence from the Roundwood Tidy Towns group.

Best of luck to all the Wicklow and Carlow East candidates on the campaign trail ~ Roundwood, Moneystown & its hinterland are looking forward to your support in the new Dáil!

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