Nordic walking

Dairine Nuttall . Organiser call 086 1936861

Nordic walking originated in Finland in the 1930s,
where it was devised as a way for cross-country
skiers to keep up their fitness in the summer months.
Participants keep their arms straight and the poles
low to the ground and behind them.

As they move one leg in front, they move the opposite
hand and the pole contained within it. It’s this swinging and
striding motion that gets the body moving and the heartbeat working.

In the past couple of years, Nordic walking has begun to
spread in Ireland. There are at least eight separate locations
around the country where you can sign up for a Nordic walking class

Location: Dublin


Hi I set up Wicklow Nordic Walking in 2009 and since I started,
I have met some great people, walked some wonderful walks
and learned a lot more about my county of Wicklow.
If I’m not walking with a group, I’m out trying to find new routes for us!

Organizer since: May 17, 2012

What level of fitness do you have – i.e. can you walk for one hour,
two hours etc. Can you deal with slopes? Do you have walking boots?
Or rain gear? Do you have the use of a car – sometimes we car pool –
would you be willing to do this?

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