Roundwood Community Text Alert

Roundwood Community Text Alert

A new local initiative is being set up to help safeguard both the people and the property of the Roundwood Community. This is the Roundwood Text Alert system. It is an updated form of the Community Alert system, using mobile phones to communicate the alerts. The Roundwood Text Alert Group will be affiliated to the Roundwood Community Council, which is facilitating with the initial setup. Text Alert Groups are up and running in west Wicklow and Roundwood will be the first rural group to be set up in east Wicklow.

This is a way in which the Gardai can quickly inform the community of suspicious activity, burglaries, thefts of machinery, farm animals, along with general warning and safety alerts. Any text alerts that you receive will issue directly from An Garda Siochana. You can also inform the local Gardai of any person, vehicle or suspicious activity that you happen to see. Then the Gardai will evaluate that information. They will use their database of vehicle information combined with their knowledge of what may be happening in the community in that evaluation. No matter how trivial your information may seem, it adds to an overall picture and may help to prevent a theft or burglary to you or to one of your neighbours. Quite often the gut feeling that you have that something is not right, is correct and may help to lead to a reduction of crime in our area. The Gardai are dedicated to this new service, so never feel that that you are wasting Garda time with information that you are unsure of, let them make the decisions. Text alerts will only issue from them when information is verified.

New Roundwood Text Alert signs will initially be placed on primary roadways. As scheme funding increases, secondary routes will be added. Positioning of signage will be agreed between the Alert Group, the Gardai and Wicklow Council in order to gain maximum impact.

To subscribe to the Text Alert Service, an annual contribution of €10.00 is necessary to pay for both the alerts that you will receive along with the cost of road signage in the community. Volunteers from the community will be distributing sign up forms to all households in the Roundwood Garda district. The completed forms along with subscriptions will be collected by the volunteers by the end of May. To comply with data protection a completed form must be received by the group. ONLY your phone number will be supplied to the third party provider (The phone service that sends the messages). Your personal information will not be shared with the Gardai or any other source. The benefit of using a telecom third party provider means that messages to the subscribed community arrive instantly to everyone.

Thanking you,

Roundwood Community Text Alert Group.