Road Safety in Roundwood

At the Roundwood & District Community Council meeting last night the Gardaí outlined a number of incidents and serious complaints received due to parking on the footpath opposite the shops on the Main Street. The situation is now so serious that someone will be critically injured or killed. From now on illegal parking will not be tolerated and our local Gardaí will be enforcing this rigidly.

Another issue raised is speeding through the village. Wicklow Co Council staff working with our local Councillors and the Community Council will be making a submission to the National Transport Authority seeking funding for further traffic calming measures in the village. The Gardaí are well aware of the issue and are taking the necessary action to discourage speeding by deploying the GATSO van and regular speed checks in the coming months.

Please heed these warning. This action is being taken for your safety and that of our children. 

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