Roundwood Mural Celebration

The mural project was organised by Roundwood Tidy Towns/Community Council with funding through the Community Education Service of KWETB. Local resident, Kevin Merrigan kindly allowed his side wall to become the wonderful canvas for the mural in an ideal location opposite Roundwood Parish Hall.

Local artist and craft worker, Aoife Patterson, working with nine volunteer artists captured the ideas of the group and created the concept for the mural. The local artists got painting every Friday morning and have produced a wonderful vista which depicts some of the iconic scenes of the Roundwood area. The mural features local man-made structures from the Vartry Reservoir Water Tower and cup marked stones, to natural features of the area including trees, fields,  Sugarloaf Mountain and plenty more. It really brightens up this area of the village and is a credit to all involved. A well-earned celebration will take place at Roundwood Parish Hall on Saturday the 13th of July at 6:30pm (after 6pm Mass). All are most welcome to attend.

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