Call for tales from pupils of the Old School in Roundwood

Roundwood Old School Reunion: Saturday, 1st August 7.30 and ‘open school’ Sunday, 2nd August 2pm – 5pm

Call for past pupils to write an account of their memories from time spent at the Old School.

The RDCC will host a reunion at the Old School with the permission of the new owners of the building.  We are interested in gathering written accounts from past pupils about their memories and experiences at the school.  If you attended the Old School in Roundwood, please consider contributing a short account (just a page or two) about your time at the school.

Please note that we plan to display written accounts from teachers and pupils at the reunion on 1st August and during the ‘open school’ on Sunday, 2nd August between 2pm – 5pm.  Also, some or all of the accounts will be included in a time capsule, along with other materials, which will be placed in the grounds of the school sometime after the reunion.

There are some suggestions below about things you could write about.  These are just suggestions so feel free to write about what sticks in your memory about your time at school.

  • physical conditions in school
  • games played in or around the school.  What was the popular toy/game/means of keeping occupied as a kid when you were in school.
  • day trips, sports days, etc
  • visitors to the school – the cigire/inspector, local priest, bishop, etc
  • preparations for Communion, Confirmation
  • friends at school
  • how did you get to school
  • did you get time off school to help out at home/farm/work
  • any interesting arts or crafts learned at school
  • any funny or interesting anecdotes about teachers or pupils from day-to-day school life (be nice!).

Please include your name and the start and end years from your time at school (or if you prefer to indicate the decade during which you attended).   Please email your account to or please put handwritten accounts in an envelope and leave in to Maureen in the Parish Office.


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