Speeding Traffic in Roundwood Village


A parent was walking the kids to school this morning and was horrified at the speed cars were going, especially with the wet roads and poor visibility this morning (particularly bad between Vartry Heights and Roundwood Inn – on both sides of road).  The parent recognised many of the offenders as parents who were either dropping their kids off or on their way home after dropping them to school. The pathway between Vartry Heights and the Roundwood Inn is particularly dangerous as the cars are so close and the path is very narrow. It’s only a matter of time before someone else gets hurt or killed on this stretch of road. Please be mindful of your speed when travelling through the village for the safety of your children and all road users. These concerns have being brought to the attention of Roundwood NS, the local Gardaí and Shay Cullen, our local Wicklow Co Councillor, to address as they see fit. Please let’s make Roundwood village a safer place – SLOW DOWN

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