Roundwood on the Move Festival Events

Roundwood Street Festival: Roundwood on the Move
9.00am – 1.00pm Saturday, 20th July


Register at
Parish Hall

Parish Hall

  1. Hill- walk (bus transfer to walk and back to Parish Hall)



2.   Wild Child Walk



3.  Slí na Sláinte walk around Vartry Reservoir



4. Historical Walk through Roundwood village



  • Participants on each activity are required to sign-in at the Parish hall. 
  • A charge of €5 per adult for each of the activities above is payable at registration in the parish hall. 
  • Participants are welcome to return to the Parish hall at lunch time for soup, rolls and a lively toe-tapping entertainment with a trad session by local musicians. 

1.     Hill-walk: Paddock hill – Scarr – Oldbridge.  2.5hrs – 3hrs

This route has been chosen to be suitable for people who are interested in trying out hill-walking for the first time.  You will be treated to some stunning views that are just a stone’s throw from the village.  We’re not aiming to break any speed records on this walk so if you’d like to give hill-walking a try this is the one for you!  Bus transfers will leave from the parish hall to the start of the walk and will return everyone to the parish hall for soup and rolls afterwards. Spaces on this walk are limited and you will need to pre-register for the walk.  Please email with the name(s) and a contact phone number to save your place on the walk. 

2.     Wild Child Walk

A great choice for a ramble with the kids.  This walk will take you all around the ‘small pond’ (approx. 5km) with plenty of time to spot any interesting wild-life.  Participants should bring a jar with a lid to help examine the bugs and beasties! Part of the walk is on an off-road trail, is not well suited for buggies and will need sturdy footwear for both adults and kids.  Children must be accompanied by their parents/guardians on this walk. 

3.     Slí na Sláinte walk around Vartry Reservoir: Approx. 9km / 2hrs

A great walking resource at the edge of the village, the Slí na Sláinte walk around the Vartry Reservoir will take approx. 2 hours to return to the parish hall.  The majority of this walk is off-road on a well maintained trail.  While not ideal terrain for buggies there will be plenty of help on hand from fellow walkers to manoeuvre buggies over/around any obstacles.  Some sections of the walk can become mucky in wet conditions so best to wear sturdy walking shoes/boots.

4.     Historical Ramble through Roundwood Village

This walk, led by a member of the Roundwood Historical and Folklore Society, will be a gentle-paced ramble within the bounds of the village that will give you the opportunity to hear a little more about the history and lore associated with some familiar local landmarks.  This walk will start at the parish hall and will not extend beyond Synnott’s corner.

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